Diagnostic Testing

Where you’re at…

You’ve been to the doctor with a certain symptom, for example bloating or loose stools, have had different blood tests and possibly cameras up and down both ends but all results come back negative. You are then told that there is nothing wrong and it is IBS. You are certain that something is wrong though and you want to find out what is causing you to feel this way.

You may feel that something is out of balance in your body but you don’t know what or you might just want to optimise your body’s nutritional content to the highest level.

What Do You Need Help With Right Now?

You need someone to listen to you and take your problem seriously so that you can use investigative non-invasive testing to get to the root cause of your concern.
How Can Diagnostic Testing Help You?
Diagnostic testing, (we call it functional testing) is extremely efficient and accurate. It is important to use this comprehensive testing to assess imbalances within the body. It removes the guesswork and enables you to get to the root cause of your concern sooner so you can feel better sooner.

For example, if you have IBS, a Comprehensive Stool Analysis test would be perfect to assess any bad bacteria, candida, parasites and levels of healthy bacteria in your gut that may be causing the IBS. On a different note if you just don’t feel as well as you could, an Optimal Nutrition Evaluation test to evaluate nutrient status, your energy production capabilities, detoxification capacity, neurotransmitter production and more would be a good direction so that a targeted plan can be created just for your unique health status.
Functional testing means faster results.

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