Success Stories

Regular bowel movements, no tummy pain or reflux and more energy

Before seeing Naomi I had horrible reflux, severe bloating, abdominal pain, pain under my ribs, burning in my throat, I struggled to swallow, I was always running to the toilet every morning and also 20minutes after every meal. I was exhausted, no energy and often felt like I needed to sleep in the day.

I thought I would just have to deal with these symptoms as the doctors had previously told me that only by increasing the lanzoprozole when I had a flare up would help and that I’d be on these tablets forever as I had a hiatus hernia.

The process started with an initial phone call to talk to Naomi. She made me feel at ease and that there were tests I could have to see what was going on. This was followed with 1 to 1 meeting to go through a thorough medical history. Naomi explains every step in detail and listens carefully offering support and ideas of things to do, tests and results.
The diet was difficult to begin with and I did feel quite poorly, however, I stuck with it and the results began to pay off. Naomi was always just an email or call away when needed.

After 6 months of working with Naomi, I have no reflux at all, I have regular and consistent bowel movements. I have no pain and my energy levels have increased. It has been a life changing experience. I am now able to eat a more varied diet and even the odd treat. I would highly recommend anyone suffering with any bowel problems to get in touch with Naomi.

Ellen Clissent

Reflux, bloating and abdominal pain

After 4 months of working with Naomi I can honestly say I’m like a new woman!

Before meeting Naomi my situation was dire. I was living with constant abdominal pain and discomfort. My weight had plummeted and I was at the end my tether. Only ever knowing conventional medicine I was unsure whether Naomi would be able to help me but out of sheer desperation I contacted her.
Naomi instantly took me under her wing and provided me with the correct tests required to diagnose my condition and a specific diet plan. I was diagnosed with SIBO and it was a relief to finally find out the reason for feeling so ill.
Naomi guided me through a course of treatment and finally I had light at the end of my tunnel. Naomi also put me in touch with her Gut Nutrition peer support group where she does regular question and answer forums, which I have found invaluable.
After four months of working with Naomi I can honestly say I’m like a new woman! I still have a little way to go to heal my gut but I am pain free and Im enjoying all the things that make me happy, including food!
Naomi has patience, warmth, understanding, compassion and a desire to help people get back to optimum health. Thankyou Naomi you truly are a life saver!
Carolyn Joesbury

Severe abdominal pain and discomfort

More energy and healthier all round

I was extremely fatigued and my gut was unhappy. As soon as I heard about Naomi I made an appointment as I felt gut nutrition would help.

Working with Naomi has been great, she is very lovely and so knowledgeable. I have followed my plan to the letter and I feel so much better for it. Naomi’s advice helped me through the diet and nutrition changes. I now have much more energy, with my symptoms improved and I feel healthier all round.
I would whole heartedly recommend working with Naomi to achieve your optimum health.
Annonymous (lady age 37)

Irregular bowel movement and fatigue

I have turned a corner that I didn’t think was possible

I was feeling exhausted from relapse of an autoimmune condition and hospital treatment/admissions. I had inflammation and poor sleep.
Naomi understood my condition and not many people do. She is a pleasure to work with.
Naomi is knowledgeable and understanding. Her advice and recommendations on gut healing, decreasing inflammation, sleep etc has enabled me to ‘turn a corner’ which I didn’t feel would be possible and I am feeling so much better 
I am still working on it, as long as you are prepared to put in the work and make the recommended diet and lifestyle etc changes you will see results.
Annonymous (lady age 70)

Autoimmune condition

I no longer need to go home during work and my gut is more settled

I was leaving work every day and taking a lot of time off due to my digestive problems. It was getting to the point where I couldn’t take it any longer; the constant pain, discomfort and fatigue affected my mood dreadfully. I didn’t want to keep taking all this time off work. I had to do something about it because it was just getting worse and worse as time went on. I didn’t know where to turn until a friend recommended Naomi.

I found it quite embarrassing as it is a taboo subject and I was concerned about how to explain my symptoms. But as soon as I met with Naomi, I realised there was absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed about. I was at ease straight away; so many people suffer with digestive problems.

The process of working with Naomi has been excellent. Naomi is very knowledgeable and really cares about helping clients to feel as best as they can in order to lead a better life. She has given me lots of advice and I have learnt a lot about my digestive system and how to take care of it.

Naomi came up with some tailored diet plans to suit my needs and I am much improved; I no longer need to go home during work and my gut is much more settled. My mood has improved greatly and I have more energy. I highly recommend Naomi to anyone who is struggling with digestive issues and has exhausted all other options; there really is excellent help out there and her name is Naomi!

Daniella Whitrick

Digestive pain and discomfort

Solid poo’s and pain free tummy

Truly truly her digestion is like a whole new little person. I can hardly believe these little things could make such a difference. Her poo’s are finally solid and no longer green (has made potty training far nicer I must say!).
She doesn’t complain of a sore tummy anymore and has gone from 3+ slimy ones a day to one normal one!
I really feel her little gut lining is in a much better state, as she’s actually had the odd taste of dairy or gluten – which previously would have caused her discomfort/bad tummy – and has been okay.
I haven’t got round to the allergy test yet, and really ought to as feel that’s the final piece of the puzzle if we’re ultimately aiming to get her to the position where she can eat everything with no worries!
Eczema marginally better, albeit still patchy but I feel it’s been easier to recognise what’s been flaring it lately.
It definitely took a month I’d say to notice the difference but we are in a vastly better place. You’re my hero!
Annonymous (2 year old)

Runny poos, sore tummy and eczema

No more ‘parasite’ stomach pains

I’d been struggling on and off with severe stomach pain for around 6 years and despite seeking GP intervention, I was pushed away, I guess the NHS just aren’t that clued up on the gut yet! I struggled through personal battles with food, convincing myself that one specific food was the trigger and over the 6 years built up quite a list. I was avoiding apple juice, black tea etc. I’d then get the symptoms without having eaten the foods I’d already falsely identified and was slowly building more and more things I couldn’t eat.
Before signing up for a consultation with you I wasn’t convinced that you’d be able to help me and was sceptical about spending money on something that might not work.
Working through my plan with you was great. I definitely struggled at first having to cut back on certain foods, I think my struggles lasted the first two months. I dropped around 5kg of weight and was low on energy. After my second consultation, when you explained the likely causes around this and then provided further advice, my mood shifted and I began to understand the power of food. 
I haven’t had a single ‘parasite’ stomach pain, heartburn or nausea since starting out with Naomi, this to me is money so well spent! There was also the added bonus of loosing weight, although I wasn’t intending to do so, this was an added bonus. I also built a very helathy relationship with vegetables and now consider myself to have had a VERY bad day when I have to question how many vegentables I’ve eaten. 
Kerry Bond

Sharp stomach pain, wind, heartburn and nausea

Ella has complete bowel control, she goes to the loo with ease and passes a comfortable, normal size.

Ella is managing to go to the loo every other day and sometimes everyday.  It is amazing and has made such a difference to us all, which sounds strange but before we came to see you I was feeling anxious about where and when Ella would try to go.  I would worry about school days, parties, swimming lessons, ballet lessons (light pink tutus!!) etc and the constant pant staining.  Ella was struggling obviously and Phil was becoming frustrated with her struggle and feeling helpless about it all.  The phrase ‘Ella, are you having a poo!’ was on repeat beforehand and now we never say it.  Ella has complete bowel control, she goes to the loo with ease and passes a comfortable, normal size.  
Ella continues to have coconut milk with her porridge, she is now in a habit of opening up the fridge and snacking on cucumber, cherry tomatoes.  She has dairy free meals at school and at home I would say she is 90% dairy free.  The odd ice cream or cake sometimes sneak in, at parties for example, but with her doing so well I relaxed a little. She still has the probiotic sprinkled on and she has a yo-yo bear or fruit at break time.  We continue to include lots of veggies and they both enjoy turning their smoothies into ice lollies, although the odd co-op trip on the school run does sneak in also.  
My mum popped by yesterday when Ella had her swimsuit on in the paddling pool, she commented on how well Ella looked and how her toddler tummy had gone.  We agreed that the ‘toddler tummy’ was probably a bloated blocked up tummy which now has gone.   
The Molloscums have started disappearing, so that’s great too and her sleeping has improved.
We are so grateful for all of your help and so relieved Ella is pretty much sorted.  I asked her the other day how does she feel now she can do lots of poos.  She stuck her thumbs up and said ‘I feel great!’ And I no longer have to deal with pooey pants, hurrah!! 
Sophie Winward (for her daughter)


No longer reliant on Movicol sachets for bowel movements, clearer skin and deeper sleep

I came to Naomi with a number of issues. I had been diagnosed with IBS 8 years ago. This was being treated with Movicol sachets twice a day. I hated taking them but could never wean myself off them. I’m sure they weren’t doing my gut any good. I had recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was getting no deep sleep. I’d been treated with anti depressants for depression and anxiety. I needed to find a way to take on life’s day to day challenges without feeling stressed or anxious about it. I also had facial acne which had to be treated with an antibiotic lotion.

I had reservations of working with Naomi because I had so many different symptoms, I was worried Naomi wouldn’t be able to get to the bottom of them. I also worried the diet changes would be too hard to implement but they weren’t.

Naomi listened carefully to all my different issues in an understanding and caring way. After my first consultation she provided me with a very detailed plan to help with all aspects. It was all very helpful and I felt so energised and positive about turning my health around. I began to feel inspired to cook new things and take on a new enjoyment in cooking and also to look after myself mentally and emotionally too. My follow up consultations also provided me with further detailed plans.

I am so pleased that I am now fully off the Movicol sachets. That was a real worry, one I no longer have! Also, my skin is pretty clear generally and I am now getting deep sleep!


IBS, ace and poor sleep

Relief from chronic illness and no longer feeling desperate

Before working with Naomi I had chronic issues and was feeling pretty desperate. The process of working with Naomi has been good, efficient and clear. I liked Naomi’s no fuss approach.

The one best result I have got from working with Naomi is relief from the chronic problems, understanding what is going on physically so I can address this with both diet and mental lifestyle.

Liz Tiranti

Chronic illness and feeling desperate

I can live my life like normal again, no longer worrying about what I can and cannot eat

I had struggled with digestive issues for nearly 3 years and I had been offered no solutions from GPs …just take omeprazole, peppermint oil etc… It happens as you get older… Noone attempted to understand why my problems were occurring. It was reaching the point where I did not know what to eat, I was getting very uncomfortable wind and noisy insides which could be very awkward working in an office and it was constantly on my mind. I had previously been referred to a dietician on the NHS who was no help at all and said if fibre is giving you wind avoid it….. Advice I now know to be incorrect and no good whatsoever for your health.

Working with Naomi has been eye opening and life changing. I have learnt so much about the importance of nutrition and how many of the seemingly healthy day to day food and drink choices that we make thinking that we are making healthy choices are doing the absolute opposite to our health. I had no idea how dangerous stress could be to my health and I have embraced a whole new way of living. Everything was explained clearly by Naomi and sound advice given. I found it concerning that some of the simple tests that I was advised to request from my GP had not been tested by my GP previously.

The best result I have from working with Naomi is that I can live my life like normal again, no longer worrying about what I can and cannot eat. And if I do have a small flare up of a symptom I understand it and know how to deal with it.


Digestive issues

Such a relief to have no more migraines. No more lost time to headaches. Plus no longer constipated and uncomfortable.

I had frequent migraines along with constipation. The migraines were horrific and could be debilitating at times. The constipation was uncomfortable

I met Naomi at a talk she did on stress and she was very approachable and I liked the way she wanted to get to the root cause of issues. I had no reservations about working with her at all.

The best result is no migraines it is such a relief. No more lost time to headaches. Plus no longer constipated and uncomfortable.

I can highly recommend Naomi. She has helped me so much and tailored everything to my vegan dietary requirements and offers a great level of support. She wants to target the actual issue and not a symptom and by doing so the symptoms disappear!

Michele S.

Migraines, headaches and constipation

Itchy, red, sore skin problems completely disappeared

Before I saw Naomi at Gut Nutrition I was itchy and sore with damaged skin on my scalp, face, arms and shoulders. I had raised lumps under the skin and I had tried hydrocortisone and antihistamine which had not worked. I lacked energy and felt very tired.
I was concerned about parting with my hard earned money and not knowing how effective it would be.

Whilst working with Naomi I have appreciated being able to get in touch as and when I have needed to and the opportunity to discuss a wide range of issues.
I now have no itching or bleeding skin!

Beverlery Kirkham

Itchy, sore, red, damaged skin

I now have more energy throughout the day, no more bloated stomach, no more liver pain and am more rested because my sleep is not interrupted.

Before I met Naomi, my physical health was suffering as a result of symptoms linked to Gilbert’s Syndrome. My GP and consultant who diagnosed the condition were unable to offer any solution to my situation as no medical treatments or supplements are available to help. I was constantly exhausted, often feeling very sleepy by late afternoon, had pains around my liver, dizziness, shaking and bloated stomach which was always exacerbated by the food I ate, my sleep pattern and alcohol.

Having been told by medical professionals that there were no recognised symptoms of Gilbert’s Syndrome due to lack of funding for research into the condition, I started to doubt if I’d ever feel ‘normal’.

Then a friend recommended Naomi at Gut Nutrition to me. I’m open minded so decided to contact her, despite being unsure whether she would really be able to help improve my situation.

From my first contact with Naomi in April, I knew she had the experience to support me. She was professional and friendly, enquiring about my symptoms and general health. After completing a detailed food diary we had an in depth discussion which led to Naomi making suggestions about alterations to diet and supplements I could take to support my physical health.

It was a big change for me but I was determined to give it a try.

6 months later I can honestly say I feel so much better. As a result of making the diet changes, I quickly noticed I had more energy throughout the day and now, never have a bloated stomach, no more liver pain and am more rested because my sleep is not interrupted.

The biggest difference Naomi has made to my life is that I can now get on with my day without the afternoon slump in energy and feel much more in control of my physical well being because I have been re-educated about the benefits of a clean, healthy balanced diet and introduced to natural supplements which support my specific condition.

I’ve also discovered a love for experimenting with new recipes and even baking which I would never have done before! I would certainly recommend Gut Nutrition to others who need support to improve their general health and wellbeing or need focused help due to a medical condition.

Sarah Finnigan

Exhaustion, liver pain, bloated stomach

My sleep has improved, I have much deeper sleep

I was tired, had bowel problems, and was overweight all after having my first baby. I had a problem with sleep walking and disrupted sleep and also a rash on the backs of my arms. I was worried that supplements would be expensive and that I would have to make drastic changes to my diet that I wouldn’t stick to. The process of working with Naomi has been really easy and helpful, we had a really helpful long conversation after I had filled in her consultation form. She already gave me some advice just in the first session that was valuable.

My sleep has improved, I have much deeper sleep, for the full night and also have stopped sleep walking. My bowel issue is also much improved and provided I stick to a few things could be even better.

Liz John

Sleep and bowel problems

Naomi has given me back my health and my life

I had suffered with absolute exhaustion, “brain fog” and low mood for years and had not managed to find anyone who had helped make any significant improvement.

I first met Naomi when I attended her talk on Gut Nutrition. It was very interesting and informative so I made an appointment to see her.

I found her very easy to talk to. Everything was discussed in great detail and I was sent a report on that meeting. If I had any concerns or queries I was to get in touch. Nothing was too much trouble.
Over the months my health improved significantly and each time we met I received a full report of what we had discussed, changes to medication, etc.

Naomi has given me back my health and my life and I have no hesitation in recommending her to everyone

Jean Powell

Consultation - Brain fog and low mood

I have so much more energy and my emotions are more stable.

Before I took the first step of contacting you, I was at an all time low, physically and emotionally. I don’t know if it was clear to you but at our first appointment i struggled to not burst into tears. I had followed you on facebook and wondered if you would know enough to help me. Gut nutrition is quite a new area and I already ate healthy so I did wonder what you could actually do. I was surprised by our first appointment and found a real confidence and an instant trust in you. The tests you completed on me showed there were imbalances in my body. Since seeing you my health has improved. I have so much more energy and my emotions are more stable. And I also have the knowledge now that you don’t have to feel tired and ill all the time – you just have to find the right help, which for me was you.

Leanne Burgoyne

Consultation - Low mood, tired and ill all the time

I no longer have bloating in my stomach, I have lost 18kg and my blood sugar levels are back to normal!!!

I was suffering with the effects of mouth infection that had lasted for 12 months and a constant bloating in my stomach. My wife worked for Healthwatch and suggested I contacted you to see if you could help. The initial consultation suggested that I needed to get some extra tests, some free and some paid for. The tests identified SIBO and a high blood sugar level and you provided me with a plan to combat and also suggested some supplements to assist. After 8 weeks we met up again and reviewed the results and you adjusted the diet. I found the whole process quite simple but cannot stress the self control needed to follow the plan! I no longer have bloating in my stomach, I have lost 18kg and my blood sugar levels are back to normal!!!

Steve Hunt

Consultation - Bloating, weight loss and blood sugar levels

My mood has improved and I have not had a migraine in the 8 months

I initially went to see Naomi because of low mood, weight gain and migraines. Naomi took an holistic approach to my presenting symptoms, she listened to me and provided a truly personalised plan based on the information I provided. My mood has improved and I have not had a migraine in the 8 months since I started taking the supplement she suggested. Naomi is a knowledgeable, thoughtful practitioner and I have no reservations in recommending her.

Helen Orton

Consultation - Low mood and migraines

The supplements and diet plan that were recommended have massively helped to ease my symptoms

Naomi was extremely professional and immediately put me at ease in my consultation, in which she was clearly knowledgable and enthusiastic about the benefits of nutritional therapy. The supplements and diet plan that were recommended have massively helped to ease my symptoms – thank you so much for all of your help.

Gemma Heald

Nutritional Consultation

We enjoyed every minute of our wellness retreat and couldn’t recommend it enough.

Naomi, Angela, Prue and Alexandria went above and beyond our expectations. We had excellent tuition in pilates and yoga, delicious food and great nutritional advice in a fabulous location.

Sue Jackson

Wellness Retreat - France

This retreat was exceptional and the tutors were so accommodating.

The balance of Pilates, yoga and other activities was just right. It was also incredibly educational and I’m applying some of the things I’ve learnt now that I’m home. We enjoyed it so much we’re planning to go back next year.


Wellness Retreat - France

At the end of the two weeks I felt full of energy and was sleeping much better.

I recently took part in Gut Nutritions group detox program. I had to participate only online as I live so far from the meetings. I received the instructions and tips and recipes from Naomi and found it very easy to follow once you got into a routine. At the end of the two weeks I felt full of energy and was sleeping much better. Although weight loss wasn’t the target for me I managed to lose almost a very welcome stone in weight and my bloated tummy completely disappeared…seriously. With this in mind I have not gone back onto wheat or sugar, alcohol has crept back in! Thanks Naomi.

Sue Ralfe

Detoxification Protocol

It is life changing to have better mental health after years of anxiety and depression

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all your help & support over the last 12 weeks – you’ve helped me to understand much more about the food I eat and how my body processes that & more importantly you’ve make me appreciate how to look after my gut & how that effects my mental well-being.

My whole approach to food has changed & my change in lifestyle is now helping my mental state more than ever & that’s one of the most life changing events for me after years of anxiety & depression.

Darren Gorst

Consultation - Mental Health

​I was having problems with energy levels and conceiving. I found Naomi to be very thorough and professional.

After a detailed consultation, we decided to do the Dutch plus test which would test cortisol and hormone levels in detail throughout the day. This proved to be very informative and something that the orthodox system wouldn’t provide. Naomi having received the results recommended a fairly strict diet regime and supplements to boost hormone levels and enable a healthy pregnancy. I went onto conceive and have had no problems with the pregnancy. My energy levels have greatly increased also. I would strongly recommend Naomi to anyone in the future.


Consultation - Energy Levels and Infertility

I know I’m in good hands and I trust Naomi’s advice

Naomi is knowledgeable and offers a wide range of complementary tests, classes and information on good health.
She is totally committed to helping her clients improve their overall well-being.
I know I’m in good hands and I trust Naomi’s advice.

Deborah Gregson

Consultation - Autoimmune disease and menopause

Headaches have reduced considerably

During my first consultation I felt immediately at ease with Naomi she was very professional, and knowledgeable. She explained my lab test results and recommended a diet and supplement plan that has been going well. So far my headaches have reduced considerably and my gut issues are improving.

Hilary Dewhurst

Consultation - Headaches and IBS

The diet and supplements are benefitting our health greatly

As a result of Naomi’s consultation and advice for nutritional therapy my husband and I have discovered that we have deficiencies in certain vitamins and nutrients. We found Naomi to be both empathetic and professional during our consultations and we now, upon her advice, have adjusted some of our diet and are taking supplements which are benefitting our health greatly.

Karen and Andy

Consultation - General health

We had a great time with Naomi who is clearly very knowledgeable about the subject and taught us with great skill and enthusiasm.

Having been interested in the importance of a healthy gut for a while I wanted to start making and eating fermented foods – but didn’t know where to start!

My friend discovered Naomi’s Gut Nutrition site and booked us on her sauerkraut making course this week. We had a great time with Naomi who is clearly very knowlegeable about the subject and taught us with great skill and enthusiasm.

The premises in Shrewsbury were wonderful – such a delightful place to be creating great food. Naomi explained everything that we needed to know as we set about chopping up our cabbages and had plenty of ideas of other spices and flavours to add to the base. We left with 2 jars fo Sauerkraut to take home which will be ready to eat by Christmas. But we also left with knowledge and confidence to start on this fermentation journey. Looking forward to attending the kombucha course next.

Anne Jones

Fermentation Course

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in a better, healthier life

I recently attended The Fermentation course that Naomi ran teaching us to make sauerkraut.
She is very professional and taught us with such enthusiasm in a very enlightening way
I am so excited about my new knowledge knowing it will improve my health in such a simple but tasty way
We left with lots of ideas and recipes to make our own and offers of back up knowledge if we had any problems
I would recommend this course to anyone interested in a better, healthier life
Thank you Naomi
This will now be part of my life for the better

Ann Calder

Fermentation Course

I no longer suffer from hay fever, after years of misery.

I went to see Naomi because I was tired, stressed, had poor memory and joint aches and pains. She recommended a gut healing protocol which has hugely improved my symptoms. In addition I no longer suffer from hay fever, after years of misery. This was not an original symptom I sought advice for but a welcome bonus!

Kath Wood

Consultation - General wellbeing and hayfever

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