Mitochondrial Therapy

Where you’re at…

You have tried many different treatments which have all failed and feeling like your body is failing you. You struggle with your energy levels and don’t see a way forward. You may have had a lot of stress in your life and feel like the body is damaged as a result of this. You want to reset your body back to optimal health.

What are the problems you might be facing right now?

  • Your health is affecting your life and happiness.
  • You know that something needs to change but don’t what or how. You are confused by all the conflicting advice you read online.
  • You may have tried different medication and alternative therapies but nothing has helped.

What Do You Need Help With Right Now?

You need the support to get to the bottom of your health concern so that you can feel better and live your life to the full. You need someone to listen to you properly and care enough about your health that they want to get to the root cause of your problem. You need an easy plan to follow and you want to monitor your progress through testing.
How Can Mitochondrial Therapy Help You
The mitochondria are the energy producing factories in all cells of our body. They are termed the ‘the powerhouse of the cell’. Without efficiently working mitochondria we may feel tired at best or very unwell or with disease at worst. Our body relies solely on this energy (also known as ATP), for all the chemical reactions in the body including the repair process.

Through free radical damage our mitochondria can become impaired and as a result unable to fulfil their role efficiently. This causes imbalances within the body which may manifest as disease.

Mitochondrial therapy works by restoring the efficiency of the mitochondria. First the client is tested using a non-invasive heart rate variability test to assess how well their body is functioning, which looks at the regeneration and degeneration of the body followed by a targeted mitochondrial therapy treatment plan using food supplements only.

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