Health and wellness is a booming industry with new superfoods and treatments hitting the headlines everyday.

If you are trying to take better control of your health, it can be an absolute minefield with mixed messages and an information overload.

I often see clients looking for some clarification, for example, is colonic irrigation good for you or is that just going to wipe out the healthy bacteria? Omega 3’s as in fish oils are good for you right, but isn’t salmon laden with mercury which is toxic to the brain? Fats are bad for us, but what is this about healthy fats? If I eat avocado daily will I put weight on? Coconut oil is a saturated fat so doesn’t this clog our arteries and cause heart disease? Vegan diets seem to be popular at the moment is that the right way to eat then?

Whether you are striving for a healthier body to be the best you can be, want to lose weight, feel more energised, want better skin, or you may have a chronic disease such as diabetes, Crohn’s, arthritis or cancer that you would like to reverse, it all starts with resetting the body back to balance.

Your body is always looking to maintain a balance (homeostasis), for example monitoring body temperature, blood pressure, acid/alkaline levels and blood sugar to name a few.

Homeostasis is absolutely key to life.

When your body becomes out of balance it falls into DIS-EASE as in not at ease and may start to struggle to function properly. Examples of this are free radical levels developing faster than we can fight them off, inflammation levels rising higher than your anti-inflammatory molecules and degeneration of cells happening at such a rate that regeneration cannot keep up with.

This results in increased ageing of the body inside and out.

The key to restoring optimal health is achieved by resetting the homeostatic levels within your body so that your body can start to regenerate rather than degenerate.

How do you do this you might be asking?! Well this is achieved through mitochondrial therapy, which is a special therapy that was invented to reduce the ageing process of astronauts in space as the body ages 8 times faster in space. It resets the regulatory systems of the body back to balance and regenerates the body from a cellular level.

More information on the therapy can be found here.

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